dmw advisors

DMW Advisors offers strategic consulting, including business development and project management services for music, film/TV/video, games, mobile and marketing companies as well as talent, artists, producers, writers and content developers.

DMW Advisors is led by an experienced team with principals Ned Sherman (consultant, entrepreneur and Internet media CEO), Joakim Baage (Sweden-born media professional focused on shepherding global media and brand properties from an analog to a digital world, and how to build successful sustainable companies that leverage the best of both worlds) and Tinzar Sherman (multi-cultural marketing, social media and events expert working across entertainment, media and technology). We have access to a deep network of consultants and industry experts working across entertainment, media, technology, marketing and finance. For information about the separately owned and operated law practice of entertainment attorney Ned Sherman, please click here.


The Principals at DMW Advisors have worked with a top list of brands, companies and events including:


NYU Stern Events


For more information on how we can put our knowledge and connections to work for you, please contact us by email at